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Temptations of Wheat
so fluffy...
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4th-May-2011 01:08 am - Final Destination
Similar to Lina, it seems I too post but once a month. Oh well.

The week of Julius Caesar I became horribly ill. Like, mask over my face to not get the actors ill. It was pretty bad and I felt horrible for two weeks before my mom brought me to the doctor. I'm better now but it was touch and go for a while.

Senior show went well. The video wasn't nearly as loud as I thought it would be and I got a pretty good spot so all was well. Got some great comments too. Mom and Dana were kinda late to the game. They thought it ended at 8 instead of 7 so they got shortly before it closed. Then Brother, Kelly, and Amelia were late and missed it so after we went out to dinner I tried to get us in the gallery and they got to watch it.


Portal 2 consumed my life the week after the show during spring break. Twas AMAZING and well worth the money. Funniest game I've ever played and always makes me feel smart for completing it without cheating.

The Monday of spring break I did the very first thing I've ever done on spring break. The girls and I plus Rande, John, Sam, and Gregg (who will be punched in his dick face), all went Tubing. While everyone relaxed I decided to make myself useful and swim us all around the branches in the water. Made me feel productive and badass. Plus I have epic bruises now from the under water branches. I had a great time with my friends. We need to do it again sometime.

Lina. <3 Cake.

Drama also went down during that trip. Those parties responsible... will be shunned.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. The morning of the trip John and I were on our way when I saw the car in front of us had the license plate "RIP" and immediately after saw a large blinking CAUTION sign. Having seen Final Destination 2 a few days before, I told John "I think I'm having a Final Destination moment. I think you need to be careful."

And not a minute later, the car in front of us slammed on their breaks. John slams on his and narrowly avoids hitting the car in front of us... and then a car slammed hard into the back of us. We still avoided hitting the car in front of us but John spilled soda all over himself and I was informed he HATES being sticky.

John got pretty scary after that because the car that hit us drove off without stopping. So John cursed up a STORM as he TORE after him, speeding on the shoulder of the road and just yelling the F word over and over. It was really scary. But we got his license plate number and called the police.

And still made it to Tiki Tubing before everyone else.

Like a boss.

Today I told John I love him. <3
13th-Apr-2011 11:19 am - Et tu Brute?
So thinks have been kinda crazy lately. Well, not TOO crazy. I guess. I dunno.

Senior projects were turned in yesterday. So that's all over. And mine will be playing ON LOOP the entire time... I'm not sure how to feel about that. XD

We started Julius Caesar this week. The makeup is going well. We are still tweaking a few designs though. Tonight is our last night to test it before opening night though so we have to get this right! I'm just hoping we can get everyone situated and have Jim like the results of tonight. It's not really our fault. They look great but under Steve's lighting they tend to wash out the eyes. Oh well.

Been watching a lot of Buffy and I'm kinda itching for some rp.

Worked every night last week so I could be off for this week.

OH! OH! Here's something crazy! Saturday I was told the labs were closed so I didn't go into work but I was still kinda paranoid. Sita texts he and says she's in the digital lab so I freaked and left Molly, we were having such a fun time too ;^;, and went to the labs to see what was going on. They were working on the lights just like they said but the ceramics lab was open. Apparently Erick didn't get the memo and came to work then opened the ceramics lab when someone asked him to.

SO I was pretty pissed at him and had to go back and make sure they shut down the lab right so they wouldn't get on MY ass for it. BLEH!

I can't wait until tomorrow when I get my Ceasar shirt. :3 I yelled GO TEAM BRUTUS in a room filled with Marc Antony soldiers... I'm a badass. <3
31st-Mar-2011 12:03 pm - Crazy Love
Ok. SO it's been a while since I've posted here but.... I'd say I'm well overdue for an entry.

Let's see what I can remember. I know last week was an awesome week! Or at least an awesome end of the week. Thursday I turned in my senior project which I'm a little skeptical about the sound. I didn't have all the sounds I wanted to use for it so my teacher threw in a bunch of sound effects and disney music which with my particular piece was hilarious and SO WRONG all at once.

But apparently everyone loved it. Friday I worked and had a GREAT day hanging out with Sita. We laid down on a blanket in the grass outside the ceramics lab and talked and drew and had a grand old time. We collected scrap wood for art projects. And she stayed pretty much the whole day with me.

Then when she went to the bathroom Mr. Dennis came in and said with a sigh "It's a shame you're not going to graduate."

The teachers had been meeting to view all the senior projects and judge what went into the show. SO that startled me at first. Then he explained everyone loved it, it was great quality, and I should consider grad school. HUZZAH!

So I few moment later, after Sita had gone and left me alone AGAIN to be pranked, Edward and John Valentino came in and were all serious faced. They told me to come outside, they had something to tell me and that i should sit down. I hesitantly told them that Dennis had already told me everyone liked it and they broke character, so disappointed in their ruined prank.


So after work Sita and I went to play dodgeball with Zell and her friends who were most of the cast of Meet the Justice League so it was like HOLYCRAP awesome! I had a TON of fun! Then immediately after I went to Caesar rehearsal to see the fight scenes in the second half of the play. It's gunna be AWESOME. I can't wait!

Saturday Sita and I went to walmart and bought cake stuff and snacks as well as paints and such. We combined Ducky's birthday party with an art party we had been wanting to have for awhile. So since we got the scrap wood we got the rest of the supplies. Before everyone showed up we glued the wood pieces together and started our awesome drip sculptures. They didn't come out as epic as I had hoped, but they look pretty spiffy anyway.

Sunday Lina and I went to a carnival! I haven't been to one in YEARS so I was super excited! She brought along a co-worker and he won Lina all kinds of stuffed animals. Even got me something. :3 But I was just in it for the rides. There was hardly anyone there so no lines or anything. That was pretty sweet. We rode a bunch of things trying to get Lina to throw up, but right when she thought she MIGHT throw up, she remembered her hatred for throwing up...


At least she rode the Fireball. I'm so proud of her. :3

Alright, so last night was the real kicker for me. John and I had a test in class then we went out to eat at Josh and Karen's place. Then we went to see Limitless which was an idiotic movie and I did not enjoy it at all. Maybe it was good but the whole drug things turned me off at the very beginning. I dunno. Bleh.

So John is walking me to the door and we're being cute and then he says, "Would it totally weird you out if I told you I love you?"

I know I shook my head, no it wouldn't. And I made noises at him and I bit my thumb and i stuttered and mumbled. I had almost said it hundreds of times but always stopped myself. Like I was looking for one defining moment where I would KNOW. But then again I didn't know if those really existed or if they were just in movies. So I told him all I felt, not outright saying it back but still nodding in a positive manner.

And I think I do but I don't want to say it unless I KNOW. I don't want to be that girl to him. But.... I think. And sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's not. And sometimes it's there and then I don't know...

I don't know.

But I realized... I've been told I love you by three different guys and this is the first one I've even REACTED to. That totally means something, right? I've really never felt this way for anyone before. I've never gotten this close.

Maybe I'm just over thinking this. I don't know. But yeah........

That's what's going on with me...
11th-Mar-2011 02:32 pm - Zoamelgustar
So It's been a while since I've posted so I should probably make something up really fast.

Alright, so Tara's Sylphiel plushie I ordered her for Christmas came in and she loved it. :3 I'm pretty excited that worked out. I was a little worried that they were ripping me off since it took so long and they kept ignoring my requests for pictures of the plush construction thusfar. But all is well.

Also, Tara is AWESOME. Yesterday was the opening for the Student Show on campus and I had no idea about it until Tara mentioned it. So we went together and I actually won for best in Ceramics. What do you know? I got a certificate, $50, and something else for my resume. Cool.

Maybe I should have been a ceramics major. Teehee.

Speaking of ceramics! I've finally started watching Face Off and they use ceramic stoneware clay to make the initial sculpting of the makeup before casting it in the other materials! How AWESOME is that? Tara and I could make awesome special effects makeup if we had the right materials!

My senior project. Oh man. I'm pretty behind. But I have 2 weeks to get the majority of it done. Meaning I have one week to finish animating and rendering and then another week to work on sound. I talked to the curator and he said the sound didn't have to be done but I should have samples to present so they know where it's going. When I'll have a few more weeks to work out the bugs. Hopefully it will all go well. I'm not COMPLETELY freaking out yet.

... Yet.

I wish this render would hurry up. I wanna finish animating at least one more section before I leave today. I have 2 and a half hours. I kinda rushed the tavern scene animation at the end. I hope it doesn't turn out crappy.

I made a bunch of Zoamelgustar talisman things out of clay and the hellmaster jars are almost done. Then I will also sell the beholder coin banks when I get everything all ready to be put on etsy. Maybe I can actually get some money for this. I'm trying to get as much as I can to pay toward my computer by the end of the semester. Mom and Sister are paying what I can't as a graduation gift and I don't want to have to leave them with too much.

Oh well.

I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm pretty optimistic.

I don't know why.
17th-Feb-2011 03:54 pm - Dice Roll
My animation is coming on pretty well, actually. I may not be very far on the actual ANIMATING but the story is coming together and I not have a time line and a mental list of all I need to do. I will have enough time animated! I can make it! I KNOW I can! XO

I gotta get Edward to teach me to render so I can get that done on the scenes I've finished while I animate the others! Knock out a few steps along the way and hopefully get this to wrap up faster! Oh, I hope!

My teachers seem confident that I will get it done. So I'm feeling good about it.


I'm turning in my application for Kappa Pi today or tomorrow so that's awesome! :D Getting some commissions done in ceramics and making some other things to sell on the side. So good times. Good times.

I turned in my stuff for the student show. So artwise, I'm doing alright. Kinda. History of Photography was pretty brutal. I need to study harder now that I know how he tests.

ALRIGHT! Back to work! XO

Maybe I'll go work out later.
10th-Feb-2011 10:32 pm - Adam WEEEEEEST

So it's been a few weeks!

On the 29th of January my friends and I all went to COMIC CON in New Orleans which was not as big as I wished it was but still it was an adventure! It was my first NON ANIME convention that didn't SUCK like Babelcon.

I got LOTS of Joker and Harley merch that I'm super excited about! Tara and I also got our picture taken with ADAM WEST. He TOUCHED us! And called us SWEETHEARTS!

Tara even got him to sign it after!

Which leads us to why Tara is the bestest bestie EVER. He had signed the photo to just Tara and expressing that it was a little sad that he only signed it to Tara even though she paid for the autograph, she turned around with a determined look and stood there waiting for him to come back from his break to ask if he would sign it to me too.

Because she's beautiful with a huge heart. And I love her. So THERE.

We met Ernie Hudson which was awesome and awkward. Awesome because he was really casual and friendly. Awkward because his fly was down. OH WELL.

We went to Bourdon Street the first night we were there which was my definition of HELL. I was in such a TERRIBLE mood that night. There were so many people and I am really edgy around loud noises and they were all drunk and there were so many sluts and I was terrified that some drunk idiot was going to hit on or TOUCH one of my friends so I kept them ahead of me the whole time and watched everyone like a hawk. Why would people go to such an idiotic place? Why did we wander around for so long looking for ONE drink?

WHY DID THAT GUY BANG THAT BOTTLE AGAINST THE WALL SO MANY TIMES? I was going to punch him in his throat! I even dropped an F bomb. I don't DO that. Not out loud at least!

So I was pretty BLEH for the rest of that night. Sorry guys. I'm just really paranoid around large numbers of drunken idiots who are capable of doing stupid and traumatizing things to a gathering of very sexy ladies that I happened to be traveling with.

I am officially signed up for graduation! YAY!

And Lina lost a lot of weight so she gave me her pants that don't fit anymore! :DDD

I found out I have less time than I think I do to finish my senior project so it's CRUNCH time for me. But I asked my magic D20 if I would finish it and it said the DM liked me so that must mean yes. :3
26th-Jan-2011 11:29 pm - Violent Dreams
So tarahime made me the COOLEST GREATEST MOST AWESOMEST layout for my LJ EVAR! :D

Classes have been going well. It's only the second week but I don't see any trouble in the near future other than the panic of whether or not I'll get my senior project done. Which, my teacher and class and I have been discussing things and trying to get me on the right track and while it is COMPLETELY changing my plans for this animation it's actually making things a lot easier in the long run for me. Because now I don't have to do any major character modeling. So while there won't be a 3D Raphier, I will still have my sanity. :D

I've been having a hell of a lot more hang out time with my friends which is SO AWESOME. I love just having lunch with them or working out with them. It's just so nice to be able to see them all the time, still work, and still have class. It's such a nice balance this semester which is great since it's my last one.

The Dark Lord Ruby Eye Shabranigdo and The Greater Lord Beast Master Zelas Metallium are doing fine as far as I can tell. I got them a bigger tank but it has no top so while it is so much nicer and they have a lot more room to move around it's probably not keeping the proper temperature. They seem to be doing fine though so I hope they stay alive and all.

I've been avoiding Ethan all I can this semester. One, I really don't HAVE to see him because he's no longer John's roommate, and two, he's an insufferable jerk sometimes and I never know when he's going to BE that jerk. Isn't it just easier to not be around him then? He's a nice guy and all, he just has to be right even when he's wrong and we are not that close for him to be able to get away with that. So no. No, Ethan. Stop texting me.

John, Tara, and John's old roomie Josh, went over to Sam's last night for a movie night. And while we started out watching... Sunshine, was it? We ended up watching Interstate 60 which turns out to be just my kind of movie. A modern world but with a little bit of magic and imagination to it. <3

Also, Tara and I are destroyers of worlds and I never felt closer to her.

So lately a few of my dreams have been reenacting my rps with linachu... which are always violent toward my character... therefore I always get hurt in these dreams. It's pretty funny. They aren't NIGHTMARES, though the content seems like it would make them nightmares but they aren't frightening for some reason.

Btw, I'm on a tagging spree of people because not only did I JUST learn how to do that, but Tara made it so that instead of the little person symbol next to their name, it's a little bomb to go with my Harley theme. She's AMAZING! <333

So Comic Con is coming up this weekend and you have NO idea how awesome it will be. I didn't get to go to a con last summer so this is like making up for not going to it SO MUCH. Especially since it's the actual Comic Con I've always wanted to go to, it's just traveling this year! It probably won't be as awesome, naturally, because all the celebrities are at the California one, but this one has Adam West and that's good enough for me!

I got my new glasses this past weekend and I'm SO HAPPY about my big dorky ones! I think they're so cute and everyone says they suit me. :3 I'm so happy!
17th-Jan-2011 03:29 pm - Timely Manner
I'm back at school now! Have been since Saturday. It's strange thinking this is my last semester. It kinda chokes you a bit. Not ENTIRELY because I'm about to graduate and be out in the real world, mainly because it's crunch time for my senior project. This is it. If I don't get it done, I'm sure they'll still let me graduate because I worked so hard on it but I really would rather it be kinda badass and worthy of showing it in the gallery.

Because I think to people who don't know much about 3D modeling it's either going to seem lame if not done right because they don't know how much work goes into it or it's going to seem AMAZING because they know they couldn't do that. I don't know. I just have to get on the ball this semester. I gotta get timing right and make sure everything is done correctly and in a timely manner.

I'm doomed. :D
11th-Jan-2011 11:45 am - Friendversary
SO yeah. It's been a while since I've updated to and I'm bored and at home alone so I might as well say SOMETHING.

I looked back and noticed I didn't write anything about the Christmas gathering at John's.

It was pretty adorable and I felt really comfortable with his family. His sister Rebecca wasn't able to be there because she's in Florida traveling with the circus she works for. But one of the more endearing moments of the night was when we were all done eating and I mentioned the glasses they use for Christmas are the same "12 Days of Christmas" ones my family had when I was little. I began going through to see who had what number and it turned into a big thing. We each went down the line singing the part from our glass and recording it. I can't wait until it's up on facebook or something!

The family picture is awesome fun. They do two every year and I always feel lucky to be a part of it. This year they skyped with Rebecca and hooked it up to the tv so that when we all posed for the picture, we posed in front of the tv so she could be in it. It was adorable!

And they skyped with her all night making sure she was included in the family gathering. We even all went up one by one to open our gifts in front of the web cam so she could see.

But enough about that. :3

Christmas with MY family was fun too. Brother, Kelly, Amelia, and John came over. We always have a good time when we all get together. I got a good haul this year. Target gift card (which I used to buy Ferngully and Kiki's Delivery Service so that I could relive my childhood), the 4th and 5th seasons of Slayers on DVD making me the only one of my friends to have it, Fable III, a firefly t-shirt that says "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" and the D20 necklace from Think Geek I always wanted from John, and.... What DID Dana get me? OH! Scott Pilgrim! :D

We also gave Amelia the table and chairs sister and I painted for her. They came out AWESOME! Was a pain in the ass and took forever to get done, but it looks AWESOME and she seems to really love it.

I haven't been working on planning my senior project as diligently as I should be. I've been doing a lot of rping with Lina. We never seem to run out of things to rp. It's amazing. When we finally do all we want we just make up a new AU version of their storyline and go from there. So far we have 3 different universes for them, each one more heart wrenching than the last. We like character torture, Lina mentally, and me physically. Which my character being physically tortured is mental torture to hers so we're like the perfect rp pair. lawl.

Apparently Tara and I met on December 13th 2003. :3 Friendversary! <3

My hermit crabs are STILL ALIVE. I'm actually kind of impressed. They are so very low maintenance and cheap. They're like amazing pets. That's why I like smaller pets. They aren't as needy in terms of attention. And Hermit Crabs are awesome because you can actually take them out of the tank and play with them, unlike fish. So to me they are pretty awesome.

John and I went to see Tron last week. Twas awesome. :3 We always have such a good time.

I'm SO EXCITED for New Orleans Comic Con! I already ordered my ticket but I didn't get the email they send with your ticket. I emailed someone about it and she said they look up your email address or card number or something to verify anyway but to email this other place to see. They haven't emailed me back. I think I'll try again soon.

Oh, I just looked and I got the email! Huzzah!

I really want STD running again. I know the girls are busy but it's still some of the best fun I've had in a while and it's so nostalgic of how I met everyone. I mean, it's how I met Bonnie, Molly, and Lina.

Lawl. I remember thinking that Lina was SUCH a great Lina rper that I wanted to befriend her because she was SO COOL. So that's why Dio always bugged her, so that I had a reason to talk to her on AIM.

I miss the IDH and STD gang. :3

I like to think I've gotten much better about rping but my confidence in my own writing is still pretty low. It's why I don't like people reading my writing if they don't have to. Especially out loud. I dunno. I'm just extremely self conscious about it.

Oh well.

Uhhhhh... Let's seeeeee...

OH! Lina has been on this really awesome diet and exercise kick lately and she's been motivating me to do the same but there really isn't any food in this house that I can diet on so I've been trying to get myself to eat at least LESS than usual because I really do eat a lot anyway. And I've been trying to go about three miles a day, either through work out videos or DDR workout mode. But I've been slacking lately. Lina is doing GREAT though. :D I'm so proud of her!

Also I got two new pairs of glasses, one like the pair I have now for outings and such and another large black frame geeky pair for just ME. <3 I can't WAIT til they come in! :3

EDIT: I forgot to mention NEW YEARS!

This New Years I was going to go to a party Megs was holding with John but he was sick so I had my sister drop me off with Tara for a few days so I could go with her. I dressed up in my brand new really nice dress I got so that I could feeeeeel preeeetty. <3

It was a blast. We hung out, set off fireworks, had fireworks set off AT us, and I played with a snake. :3 And I don't get to hang out with Megs enough so it was really nice hanging out with her again. She's so freakin sweet.

Staying with Tara was great too! We watched movies and people came over to hang out and such. I wish I lived closer to them so they wouldn't have to come pick me up all the time. And I hope to hang out with them more this semester.

So for New Years Resolutions... Hmmm... I think I'll have to go with lose weight, as usual (I need to stick to my special diet...), complete at least 5 things from my bucket list... aaaaand... finally be able to do a split. I know that one sounds odd but it's pretty much been my resolution ever year since high school but I never managed to get it done.

Alright! NOW I'm done!
22nd-Dec-2010 11:38 pm - Hooters


Uhhh.... What's been going on.

Alright. So John and I had our 1st anniversary date and I gave him the song. Was a little disappointed I didn't get anything from him but oh well. Whatcha gunna do? But he loved our song and played it on loop for hours. Twas great.

We went to see Tangled in 3D which was AMAZING and ate at Phil's Grill which was pretty awesome. They had a really amazing peanut butter milkshake. Delicious.

Also, Megamind was pretty amazing as well. I expected it to be good but not that good. I was a little surprised. Went with John to see that as well. :D

SO I got all A's an one B in piano class this semester. I was TERRIFIED of my piano final but Mark was doing this really cool thing for his class where for a half and hour they played music in the union and a group of people just DANCED their troubles away continuously. So I went to that and felt a lot better about it. Glad I went! It was a blast!

It's been Christmas break for a few weeks now. I got all my gifts ready but Alexander's but Dana and I are going halfsies on an iTunes gift card so we can get that anywhere really.

I spent most of the time so far during the break painting Amelia's table and chairs for Christmas and rping. The painting has been a pain in the ass but Sunday before I left for the law offices of Bennett, May, and Ramos, we painted the fun detail stuff on the seats and table top. LOOKS AWESOME! Can't wait til it's all done though.

So the past few days I've been with the girls. It's been so fun. I missed them all so much.

One night Lina, Bonnie, and I gave Tara a bit of a scare at her apartment. We each took a window and knocked or clawed on it to freak her out. She came to the window screaming and with a knife. It was pretty intense and when she sounded so scared it broke my little heart I confessed that it was me and we comforted her back to sanity. Oops?

So the next night we all laid down in the parking lot and watched the lunar eclipse which was fun. We were all hyper and just had a blast being silly.

Lina had a lot of car troubles so it was saddening but we cheered her up with our Christmas party! I got a lot of neat stuff and I'm glad everyone liked their gifts! Not that they would tell me if they didn't though. lawl.

Oh yeah! I went to John's family's Christmas party but my wrists hurt from typing all this so I'll post that later. :D BYEBYE!

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